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Mega Factors will analyze your account and help to engaged with audience.

Search Engines are now giving value to social signals to improve rankings to serve better to their users. It’s more important now to use various social media platforms to get the advantage of educating and engaging the audience. Social Media Development is crucial now whether you have a business, services or products.

Over 50M small businesses have active Facebook pages but only 2.5M out of them actively advertise about their businesses. 40% of 2.5M like brand pages which means advertisement is the only way to reach people.

We at Mega Factors will analyze your social media account and help you get engaged with your audience. We will help you create an effective strategy that avoids consuming time and networks that won’t generate a positive return. We will work side by side to create a social media development strategy to increase social circle.

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Digital Marketing

Social Media Audit

Mega Factors start with analyzing your current social media accounts and your competitor's analysis to set a benchmark

Strategy Development

Mega Factor will create a tailor-made strategy to increase social performance for your businesses.

Content Creation

Content generation plays a huge part in successful social media strategy. Mega Factors will create a monthly content calendar for smooth activities.

Account Creation & Revamp

Mega Factor should be your priority when creating or customizing an account.


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Social Media Marketing

Analyzing Social Media Marketing

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase traffic and conversion
  • Increase customer relation
  • Increase user engagement

Mega Factors will create a monthly content calendar for smooth social media activities.

Mega Factors  operate on different social media marketing channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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