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Instead of looking to hide negative reviews, respond to them to resolve the inconvenience.

The Internet is an open forum that allows people to write whatever they want whenever they want, without any fear. No one can control what anyone said in the past or what they may express in the future. Online reputation management is crucial for online businesses. It helps to overcome negative reviews with positive ones. The positive counteracts must be optimized to have ranking chances. A study in 2013 revealed that almost 92% of all the traffic goes to Google’s first page and then moves to the second or third. It drops by 95%.

Benefits of ORM

Any business with an online presence stands to benefit from online reputation management. Businesses must a have team to keep an eye on what is being said about their business to maintain their reputation of the business. Here are a few benefits businesses can get from ORM.

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Digital Marketing

Brand Credibility

People buy from a brand they trust. Negative words about your business may spread faster than positive ones.

Brand Image

Monitoring and addressing the negative information shared about your business can help you get a better brand image.

SEO Ranking

Having a recommendation online from people naturally increases the Search Engine Rankings.

Build Trust

Trust is always a crucial factor for online businesses. Content plays a vital role to build trust between customers and businesses


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Online Reputation Management

Analyzing Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is not about hiding negative reviews or comments about your businesses or products. Instead of looking to hide negative reviews, respond to them to resolve the inconvenience of gaining their trust.

Mega Factors conduct an audit to understand the current situation and get an idea of what improvement is needed.

To engage the target audience for the brand asset, Mega Factors craft a strategy for that based on your business needs.

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