Digital Marketing

Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.

It’s true, we can never have enough content. Content writing involves generating content for social media marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Web Design, Brand Awareness, etc. Businesses can select and present even old content in new ways. Mega Factors acknowledge these activities, but we believed there isn’t any replacement for fresh, engaging and informative content.

Types of Content Marketing.

Content development for marketing involves three types to use for digital marketing purposes.

Written Content

If you write content in your tone, style and uniqueness, you will undoubtedly get the benefit of your content creation efforts.

Photographic and Video Content

Life is about attraction. Humans are attracted by visuals. The same can be done for businesses. Visual content like photos and videos gets 94% more views. Infographics increase website traffic by 12%.

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 Digital Marketing

Niche Segmentation

We don’t believe in assumptions or guesses. We analyze the data according to your audience.

Topic Ideation

After identifying your audience, we generate topic ideas by keeping your targeted audience in mind.

Content Generation

We are committed to producing high-quality content that generated traffic.

Content Distribution

Mega Factors don’t just leave content for the search engine. We expand your reach, authority and relationships by distributing content.


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Content Marketing

Analyzing Content Marketing

A strategy used to attract, engage and retains an audience by creating shareable content.

Mega Factors create a for content creation (text, visual) based on your business needs to engage your audience professionally.

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